Are you building an app, artificial intelligence bot, wearable tracker, a/synchronous web course, virtual/augmented reality solution, or enterprise-level software system in the behavioral health/digital mental health space? Digital mental health is poised to take off in the next five years and building useful solutions will require synergy between computer engineers, media specialists, healthcare systems leaders, investors, and clinical behavioral health experts, such as myself.

If you need to round out your team with the help of someone who can help you source and or build accurate understandable, and evidence-based mental health, medical, or wellness content, let’s talk about working together!

A sprinkling of some of the things I can help you navigate:

  • sourcing and building accurate evidence-based content
  • identification, connection, and recruitment of top subject matter experts
  • translation of screening, assessment, and evidence-based psychotherapies into digital format
  • presentations at professional conferences to promote your product/system
  • research and outcomes tracking
  • digital health market research, market placement, and real world implementation
  • policy and regulation research
  • pitch presentations and preparation

About me | I am a team player with a decade of experience as a working clinician and subject matter expert, content developer, and clinical researcher in digital health working as a member of various NIH-funded clinical research teams, other academic teams, private sector teams, and government teams. With these teams, I have created new consumer-level behavioral health self-help solutions and translated evidence-based in-person screening, assessment, and treatment into print and automated digital formats including tailored Internet interventions and web-courses accessible via mobile and desktop. I have strong academic chops and formal training in technology and mental health. After working for seven years inside the Department of Veterans Affairs system, I have branched out entirely into the private sector. I have a thriving private practice in Richmond, Virginia that accommodates time to dig into projects like yours. Read more about my academic background in behavioral health and technology, clinical approach, experiences, and research background HERE.

Intangibles | If you work with me, you will find out I am passionate about expanding access to and scaling effective behavioral health screening, assessment, and treatment/interventions and see the potential of harnessing digital health technology to do this. I am incredibly curious and I seek to understand people, teams, processes, goals, and outcomes. I am a systems-thinker and realist, considering context around every turn. I am a creative problem-finder and solver. I’m dependable, direct, and collaborative. I like a good challenge with potential for high impact and I get hard work done. Working with smart, driven, and creative people to do good for the world makes me happy. I would love to explore how we might work together.

To discuss or explore consulting, start-up, or networking opportunities, please contact me via:

Email: [email protected]

Text/Voice: (804) 767-0856

Connecting on LinkedIn*

Due to ethical, legal, and clinical concerns, I will not accept connection requests or discuss consulting, start-up, or networking opportunities with current or former clients.