There is a technological revolution afoot in health promotion and healthcare and it is working to expand convenience and access to health education, screening, assessment, and evidence-based treatment. Dr. Leah was an early entrant to the “digital heath space”, having done her PhD dissertation and post doctoral research fellowship in “behavioral health and technology”. She has worked for a decade to translate evidence-based in-person screening, assessment, and treatment into print and automated self-help formats. As a member of various NIH-funded clinical research teams, other academic teams, private sector teams, and government teams, she has co-authored peer-reviewed journal articles, a book chapter, and presented on digital health.

To discuss or explore consulting, start-up, or networking opportunities in the mHealth, eHealth, digital health, or health information technology space, please contact Dr. Leah via:

Email: [email protected]

Text/Voice: (804) 767-0856

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Due to ethical, legal, and clinical concerns, Dr. Leah will not accept connection requests or discuss consulting, start-up, or networking opportunities with current or former clients.