I partner with a limited number of adult clients at Behavior Works of Virginia to provide private, specialized, & personalized cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for:




I understand these problems often co-exist with other problems like depression, drinking/drug use, chronic pain, managing chronic medical or health problems, relationship difficulties, and or career concerns. Also, sometimes when clients get relief from OCD, anxiety, insomnia, and or other problems, they notice underlying or new issues come to the fore. We explore and address all of these things in the context of our solid therapeutic relationship.

CBT is referred to as “evidence-based” because researchers find it to be effective for many people. CBT is usually short term and can often work in 6-25 sessions; some clients come back for “booster sessions” every once in a while after they complete a course of therapy. Some of my clients stay in therapy for longer amounts of time, especially if they have a particularly severe and “sticky” symptoms and or if they get relief from their primary concerns but then find other issues they wish to work on. Researchers continue to refine CBT. As a clinical researcher myself, I aim to stay up-to-date so you can get treatment that works.

Please peruse my website to learn more about what I may be able to offer you and my professional background. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss setting up a complementary initial consultation.

You may contact me by:

TELEPHONE: 804-767-0856
EMAIL: [email protected]

OFFICE ADDRESS: 312 Granite Avenue, Suite 3, Richmond, Virginia 23226

A note about confidentiality: Since email is not a secure form of communication, please do not write any personal information in emails. It is best to use email for initial inquiries and scheduling correspondence only.